Monday, February 6, 2023

What is Digital Advertising?

On our digital signage network your ad is shown on large plasma screens that are located in host sites (businesses) throughout Eastern, CT. Each host site must meet a minimum traffic standard of at least 1,000 customers per week walk through their business. We want to make sure your ads are played in high traffic areas where your ads will get noticed!

While other companies use generic templates for their ads, our in-house graphic designer takes the time to put together an ad that is professionally designed (see samples) and geared toward your target audience. We use animation to keep the audience’s full attention, getting your full message across to the masses. Our graphic designer also creates custom websites, print designs, and more to suit your business’ or products’ needs all at an affordable price and in HD Quality.

Along with all this, we are able to update each host site’s channel within minutes. Using the internet to our advantage, we transfer everything using high speed internet, making sure that our host sites are consistently updated with the latest ads and files.

For more information on becoming an advertiser, e-mail or call (860) 478-8138.

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